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June 2013 … “Thank you for romantic times! Comfortable and thank you for the help.” Chloe - Christophe
May 2013 … “We will go and comeback” and they did. Shamee, Xavier, Rooftop
April 2013 … “Amazing place, very chilled out and friendly staff who are always willing to help.” Jonny Andrew

March 2013 ... "Thank you kindly for hosting us this past weekend. I would like to express a sincere gratitude to the staff for their outstanding service." Judy

February 2013 ... "Jikeleza is one of my fondest memories while backpacking in South Africa. Accommodation was listed in my top 5 places to stay in SA" Sam Bacchus

January 2013 ... "It was a great time here! We enjoyed our stay! Nice staff and friendly people!" Marina and Angelo

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December 2012 ... "We had a really pleasant night by Jikeleza, which is the place to be. The welcome is just brilliant." William and Quentin

November 2012 ... "It is a lovely place with incredible awesome beds. You gave us so many tips for our journey. We recommend this place to everyone." Niels and Haden

October 2012 ... "We enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the central location. Thanks for sharing your great knowledge about the surroundings. We appreciate how clean and neat the place is." Tim, Tobi and Xenia

September 2012 ... "It's a good place to stay. The host offers much help on my itinerary." Jiancheng

August 2012 ... "It was an amazing experience being with the Jikeleza Lodge family. They made me feel welcome and safe. I actually felt at home. Hospitality was 100% with very clean environment. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a place filled with love and peace." Asinako

July 2012 ... "Had a blast! The Lodge was perfectly located and offered a chilled place to stay." Suna, Finland

June 2012 ... "We had a great time. Living arrangements were perfect and the bedding more than adequate. Personnel always friendly and willing to help with a smile. I will definitely recommend Jikeleza Lodge to my friends and family. Should the need arise to visit PE again, I myself will first check with Jikeleza Lodge."

May 2012 ...
"We had an awesome time. Thanks for making our stay memorable. Fabulous reception staff" Estelene

April 2012 ... "Had a really great stay (4 nights) - Met some fantastic people! Will most definitely come again soon" Nicolette, and Nicole Main

March 2012 ... "What a wonderful place ... a real bathroom, a real kitchen and real rooms' Liam

February 2012 ... "We really had a lovely time in your city, believe me I told a lots of people about you and the nice time we had, we miss you and PE so much if I could i would move there!!!! You made us feel so welcome we really do appreciate it, it's great place to stay!!!! You guys are super!!!" Juanita

January 2012 ... "I loved the cabins! Nice clean bathrooms, great staff." Barry Harding

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December 2011 ... "Thanks for the super stay in your place. It was fabulous." CJ vd Walt

November 2011 … “Very nice hostel, clean facilities, nice homely feel & comfortable beds. Nice to have a bath” Cardine & Ryan

October 2011 … “Thank you for the excellent service, hospitality and friendliness. I enkoyed staying here very much and i will recomend this place to my friends and family in Holland” Pushpa, Amsterdam

September 2011 … “We did enkoy our stay. Service was excellent” Captain

August 2011 … “Jikeleza is a fantastic place to stay, definitely the best in PE. The staff are friendly, it's super clean, and it's in a great location only a few minutes walk to the heart of downtown. Best of all, they strive to keep their rates low & there's a TV with cable” Alina DunbarJuly 2011 … “Thank you so much for organising my trip to Addo – a comfortable nights sleep” Laura, Northern Ireland

July 2011 … “Thank you so much for organising my trip to Addo – a comfortable nights sleep” Laura, Northern Ireland
June 2011 … “Thank you for all your hospitality and all your help with booking the Addo and Schotia Safari, as well as booking the Baz Bus for us after it had closed.” Emma Merry, Canada
May 2011 … “really liked this place.” Victoria, Germany
April 2011 … “I enjoyed my stay very much. Wish I just had more time to spend in Port Elizabeth.” Oli Morilainen
March 2011 … “Really nice place! Very friendly and a really nice atmosphere!  If I could I would stay here a couple of days longer!” Katrien, Belgium
February 2011 … “It was good experience to be at Jikeleza Lodge. The reception was fantastic, you made us happy to feel like we are at our own home.” Matilda Katoshe Kadhikwa, Namibia
January 2011 … “We had a wonderful time. It’s really relaxing to have a nice clean shower and to be able to cook in a clean good kitchen. Staff is also friendly and always there to help” Bram & Emanuelle
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December 2010 … “Everybody has been very friendly and helpful. The Xmas dinner in the garden was one of the highlights of the trip so far. We will highly recommend Jikeleza to everyone” Family Lundsten
November 2010 ... "Nice stay with a lot of good informations! Thanks" Nicole & Bruno (Switzerland)
October 2010 ... "The place was tidy and calm. Just the way we like it! Big thanks to you. We slept like logs" Sun (Finland)

September 2010 ... "I was the second time in Jikeleza Lodge. It was great. Thank you for all. It's nice" Pino (Germany)

August 2010 ... "Thank you for a brilliant stay - great accommodation and facilities. We stayed in the wendy house and loved it!" Katie & Luke (UK)

July 2010 ... " All the employees were very accomodating and friendly. The bathrooms were nice and clean. And the availability of water and other beverages on site was very convenient, I wish more hostels did that. Also the laundry service was great. If I am ever in PE again I would definitely stay here." Kathryn

June 2010 ... "The staff, especially Vivi are always willing to help. Kitchen was good and place was very clean. " Louise

May 2010 ... "The Jikeleaza Team was very nice and always helpful. I had a lot of fun with them. The Hostel is situated very central. You can arrive almost every place by foot if you want. I enjoy my stay at Jikeleza a lot and hope I can come back one time." Caroline

April 2010 ... "Thank you! We had a lovely time in Port Elizabeth and Jikeleza was one of the nicest hostels I've ever stayed in." Amy

March 2010 ... "We can't imagine a better start for our holiday here in SA. Thanks to the staff who were very helpful for doing our future travel plans" Allos

February 2010 ... "It was a very relaxing hostel, the first time in Africa that I slept so long! A very nice owner helping me for everything. I hope one day I'll come back" Francesca (Italy)

January 2010 … “Your efficient and excellent service make your backpacking one of the most appreciated of PE so carry on with your good job. PS Special thanks to Vivi who is always smiling!” Patrick, DRC
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December 2009 … “This one girl (Vivi) who has explain a lot about this beautiful country with big differences” Jeroen senne
November 2009 … “This is a backpacker place to die for! A real home from home, and with splendid amenities throughout. Even bubble-bath for guests. I rate Jikeleza 10 out of 10” Mercia Waring

October 2009 ... "Thank you for helping to organise our trip down the Garden Route." Veronique and Len

September 2009 ... "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Chumani and Vivi are phenomenal people. Bed, blankets and showers perfect." Sam, Canada

August 2009... "We loved the beautiful room and the warm showers. And the tour to Addo and Schotia was excellent." Meta and Mariele

July 2009 ... "Hey you guys are jack up!" Denise

June 2009 ... "Hey from Texas! When back in South Africa your place will definitely be a destination again." A Ludlow

May 2009 ... "definitely the best beds of all backpackers" Martin, Germany
"Highly recommend the Molo Township Tour" John & Nquera Smith, Australia
"I recommend Schotia safaris to everyone - brilliant day watching lions" Katie

April 2009 ... We liked our rooms opening to the nice garden and appreciated so much having breakfast in the sun" Heidi, Franz, Karin & Vanja

March 2009 ... "Great staff, nice and relaxed Backpackers. Definitely the place to stay when you are in Port Elizabeth" Madeleine Breda, Netherlands

February 2009 ... "Thank you for all the trouble you went to to make our stay good" Heather & James

January 2009 ... "Very friendly and helpful staff" Reena, India

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December 2008 ... "You have a very cool place. I like the staff and how you welcome the guest" Natasha

November 2008
… “We enjoyed our stay here and the communication we had together!” Kraig & Karlheinz
October 2008 … “A special thanks to Mike who walked with me all the way to the beach.” Sandy
September 2008 … “We had a nice evening with Ben and Mrs Tuierika. Beautiful place here.” Marieke, Sarah & Leone
August 2008 … “U guys give a lot of nice tips about what to do around here.” Amarylis, Celine & Sanne
July 2008 … “It was only a short time but we slept like babys.” Stefan & Lydia
June 2008 … “Very competent people that sell quality and don’t try and rip you off. The people of this lodge made my stay in PE very special.” Isabel
May 2008 … “Thank you for the great night out and the Xhosa training. Good service her.” Janine & Foenna
April 2008 … “I really enjoyed these three days in your lodge. I didn’t expect that I can enjoy the staying here so much.” Adela, Czech Republic
March 2008 … “We really liked the garden; perfect for camping. And we absolutely loved the dassies.” Erik & Tessa, Holland
February 2008 … “I truly enjoy staying at your place, it feels like a home more than a backpackers place.. it is appreciated.” Tsepo Senoamali
January 2008 … “It was again great to stay in your hostel. Warm & friendly. The stories of Mike and the great tour trough Addo.” Jilles & Janine, Netherlands

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December 2007... “Thanks for a brilliant time. Really enjoyed the hospitality.” Graham
November 2007... “Really friendly welcome & cool place to stay.” Martin & Lara, UK
October 2007... “I am looking forward to staying there again during my next visit.” Geoffrey
September 2007... “We had a fantastic time and delicious takeaway food and a wonderful warm bed.” Chloe & Gee, English
August 2007... “Great Accommodation! Tour to Addo/Schotia was terrific.” Tom, USA
July 2007... “Before I even checked in this place was so helpful!” Andi, Swiss
June 2007... “I’ll come back! It was very nice to be here. As we said in Belgium, Service impeccable.” Raoul
May 2007... “Thank you for a great experience in PE. I enjoyed staying at your place and would definitely come back with my family.” Aniruddha Belsare
April 2007... “The stay was short but the feeling good.” Linda, Mauritius & Henri, France
March 2007... “Thanks a bunch for your super Hospitality. I really enjoyed your beds the most” Tyler, USA
February 2007... “We Johanna, Daniela & Elizabeth were very surprised about the nice accommodation. One day we will come back ... or see us in heaven!”
January 2007... “Thank you for all your help with arranging trips to the Addo Elephant Park. It was a brilliant day. Also many thanks for helping us sort out our route further on down the garden route – you are stars. A Great hostel and would recommend it to anyone.” Katherine and Chris Newbrook, UK

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December 2006... “Thanks for your hospitality, Xmas presents and out of this world Christmas dinner. Peace and quiet will return now.”
November 2006... “ It was like staying at my family. Super room. Ehrlich!” Andreas, Austria
October 2006...” We enjoyed our stay with you and appreciated the warmth and welcome.” Martin and Elizabeth
September 2006...”I had a great time here. Although I stayed just one day, I felt comfortable and they were very helpful with some money problems I had. What can I say? I will remember forever the day I spent here.” Naxheli, Mexico
August 2006 ...”Like staying in Faulty Towers, every minute something to laugh at. Loved you all he he he he” Emma Wilson, UK
July 2006...”We had a great time in PE. We were only here for 2 days, but these have been absolutely awesome.” Estella and Monika, Switzerland
June 2006...”Had a great stay! It was a pleasure to just chill here for 3 weeks as I carried out my research.” Henry Trotter, USA
May 2006...”I intended to only stay for one night but ended up staying three instead. Just couldn’t leave this lovely hostel” Malin, Sweden
April 2006...”Thank you for being there when we needed your help and for greeting us with a warm happy smile early in the morning.” Michelle
March 2006 ...”Our party was most comfortable during their stay.” Richard Culver
February 2006 ...”Thank you for giving me this nice stay.” Ralf
January 2006 ...”Thank you that I could stay. It is the best backpackers and I enjoyed it. The atmosphere is great and the beds comfortable.” Mike

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December 2005 ...”Thank you, I enjoyed the stay.” Reintalanger, GERMANY
November 2005 ...”The best place so far. Very friendly and the best owner-employee relationship I have seen. Beautiful place.” Stephan
September 2005 ...”a NICE QUIET PLACE TO STAY. They give good advice. The trip to Schotia was wonderful. Bedankt.” Marcel & Janet Gronigen, NEDERLAND
August 2005 ... “Absolutely peaceful, quiet and homely. Will definitely come back to such a nice place.” Michelle, Louisa & Karen, UK
July 2005 ... “Thank’s for and excellent stay, combined with good hospitality.” Lynden de Wilzem
June 2005 ... “More than helpful and friendly people, that make my first days in RSA enjoyable and give me a helping hand where ever needed.” Philipp, GERMANY
May 2005 ... “ I just expected to stay for a couple of days. I really found great friends and the more interesting things that make the time here, a lifetime stay. Was exactly what I was looking for, something special and different.” Frank, BARCELONA.
April 2005 ... “Very helpful people around here. Do the Addo and Schotia it was great.” Tina and Sebastian
March 2005 ... “These guys are really good. They helped wherever they could and always were present.” Joerg and Sarah
February 2005 ... “A very nice backpacker and a lovely kitchen!” Come la Pulla
January 2005 ... “I had a nice stay here. Thank you for your hospitality” Jannie vd Zwaag, HOLLAND

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December 2004 …”Thanks for having a nice time here.” Irene and Alex
November 2004 …”Had a lovely relaxing stay, loved watching the dassies in the back garden, thank you” Suzie    IRELAND.
October 2004 …”This is a very good hostel. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly. Thank you.” Andy Denis,     ENGLAND
September 2004 …”In name of the group I say that we had a good night sleep and thank you for your hospitality!”     BELGUIM GROUP
August 2004 …”Thank you for very good staying ! We had really good experiences here (PE), see you again ! Take care of yourself.”  Tomi, Mami, JAPAN
July 2004 …”Thanks for feeling “at home”,   and……the Black Rhinos.”  Petra, Hamburg, GER
June 2004 …”Thank you very much for an awesome stay! Completely different lifestyle to East Africa. Strange being back to civilization, Thanks “  George, Pete and Helena
May 2004 …”Nice friendly place ! Thanks for a fun stay!”   HANNA, BRITTA AND ERIN.
April 2004 …”Jikeleza provided me with all the ingredients for an amazing trip, I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality, even being sick in an unknown city was a pleasant experience. Thanks to Robert and Marianah, defiantly see you soon. Jikeleza is highly recommended in my book.   JEANNI
March 2004 …”We came here tired and found a really familiar place which we enjoyed it’s nice and friendly atmosphere. Thank you for this – we would like to come back sometimes. “ Martin and Burger.
February 2004 …”We had a very nice time in PE. We enjoy the family atmosphere at this hostel.  I’m sure we will come back.” HSF
January 2004 …”Thank your very much for my stay in this welcoming and friendly place. I will certainly return because I experienced excellent hospitality and two trips of a life time and with to have more here. Thank you once again and carry on doing the good work. Philippa Ody

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December 2003 …”Thanks for a lovely stay! Happy Christmas and a very happy New Year. Jo and Kristian Ashford.   ENGLAND
November 2003 …”Quite enjoyable here.  I liked exchanging views and ideas with locals. Keep up with your good work in Tourism.”  Joel, SWITSERLAND
October 2003 …”Thank you for providing such a clean and friendly hostel. The Addo trip was amazing and we would recommend Jikeleza to fellow   travelers and friends. On to Jeffreys Bay now, Bye.” Georgina and James, ENGLAND.
September 2003 …”We rocked up at nearly midnight on the Baz Bus from Durban. Very tired and worn out to find a smiling face and a very comfy bed.” Tim and Cheryl.    AUSTRALIA
August 2003 …”We are very greatful that this place exists. We felt at home here, it’s clean, quiet and above all there was always someone to take care of us during the day. Thank you for admitting the children !!”  Thandie, Johannes, Martin Blank
July 2003 …”Thanks for all the help in rectifying our brain fade! It’s a great place in a great town. If only we had more time.” Aindi  Dublin IRELAND
June 2003 …” Thanks for the help and hospitality. The location is great for good eating. Addo and Schotia were well with it. Thanks for everything.”  Lion and Jerry
May 2003 …”Thanks for all your hospitality & help. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time – especially on safari at Addo/Schotia”  Claire and Rachel,   ENGLAND
April 2003 …”A home away from home! Thanks Mike and Beauty for making my stay here so enjoyable. Do the Township Tour!! Thanks again” Patrick, Tipperary, IRELAND
March 2003 …”A big cheers for the hospitality, we had a wonderful time in PE.! All the best mate.”    Eli and Saun
February 2003 …”Thanks for your excellent hospitality. I hope to be back! Cheers to Robert, Joe and Beauty - you’re the best!” Sarah  UK
January 2003 …”Thanks for recommending Schotia Safari’s, seeing the lions in the sunset was fantastic. Many thanks to the owners of Jileleza Lodge who made our stay very comfortable. “Jolica & Scharton, Heidelberg, GER.

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December 2002 …"What a fantastic welcome to the south of South Africa! Thanks to Joe for making us feel so welcome and sort out all our queries et. Sorry we didn’t stay longer than one night! We will be recommending Jikeleza to anyone we meet. Sharon    NZ,    Graeme   UK
November 2002 …”After a very long hot journey, it was so nice to be met by a welcoming, friendly team and arrive in this charming place, Thanks!”  Ruth Ireland
October 2002 …”We have a good time in PE, here is a nice lodge, Thanks so much” Joa & Tao THAI
August 2002 …”Thanks a lot for helping to find our midnight-supper - we were really hungry and could eat some great pizzas.”
 July 2002 …”Thank you for the warm blankets and the really good breakfast.”
June 2002 …”Thank you for a warm and comfortable night’s stay." Davina, UK
May 2002 …”Top place to stay, lovely people. Don’t go drinking with the staff. Has a bad influence?” Phil and Paul   England
April 2002 … “Very pleasant and comfortable, thanks for your welcome”  Regis and Elise .. France
March 2002 …”Thanks so much for the stay. It was wonderful, you were a great host.” Chennife, Megan & Rita
February 2002 …”Thank you so much what you have done for me, I wish I could stay longer than just one night. All the Best. Greetings .” Edith van den Bergh; HOLLAND
January 2002 ... "This is the best hostel I have seen in South Africa. It's clean, friendly and excellent. " David, UK

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December 2001 ... "Thank you for organising the day trips and making us feel so welcome."
November 2001 ... "Had a really good 4 days here. The staff were great + very helpful + funny!!!" Sarah, UK
October 2001 ... "Been here twice and I will come again" Ellen, Belgium
September 2001 ... "Thanks for all the travelling info and tips - it made our stay here really great" Michael & Michelle, Australia
August 2001 ... "This is a terrific backpackers, there is always things to do, + we had so much fun.......We came for 1 night and stayed for 4." Chris, Auckland NZ
July 2001 … "One of the best places we stayed at in South Africa. Thanks to you we sorted our further trip and organized everything" Andrea
June 2001 … " In PE it's Sunday everyday" Goga, Brazil
May 2001 … "Wish I was here for longer. Great place! " Melina, Norway/Italy
April 2001 … "Really enjoyed being here - impressed with all the facilities an friendly staff. Thanks for organizing the lion tour-was all great" Marianne & Julia, Britain
March 2001 … "My bed was very nice, and so was the rest. I really enjoyed my stay here." Martine, Holland
February 2001 … "The most beautiful people on earth!" Christine, Taiwan
January 2001 … "Had a great time here. Thanks for the great dinner tonight. We need a good nights sleep after those dunes…." Andrew & Katja Britain/Holland

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December 2000 … "Paradise must be here - at Jikeleza Lodge." G&J
November 2000 … "We saw more animals than we thought possible, thanks to the help of Jikeleza." Jayne, Sarah & Claire
October 2000 … "The hostel is friendly & the owners really helpful." Liesbeth, Holland
September 2000…" It is a special place with a certain charm. You meet individual people here…." Tors, Belgium
August 2000 … “Had a whale of a time chilling out and relaxing. Want to stay longer but have to go back to work. Hope I'm allowed to come back again." Taryn, England
July 2000…" I have been here 3 days and had an excellent time despite the rain." Ursula, England
June 2000…" I enjoyed staying here. Very relaxed atmosphere & nice bath! Exactly what I needed after spending 3 days on a bus." Saskia, Holland
April 2000…."Very clean and friendly hostel. Music evenings an excellent idea and township tour with Wicliffe an absolute must." Jo, England
March 2000…." You must do the visit to Walmer Township trip. A true African experience that hits the heart and makes you feel like part of the community." Bevan, New Zealand
February 2000….."We could not have made this trip without your help and assistance. Jikeleza Lodge is a great, relaxed and laid-back place…" The Danes
January 2000…"You have helped us a lot. I got surprised of your willingness to help us." Ida Ljung, Sweden

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December 99…"…fantastic tips where else to go.." Angelina, Germany
 "Great place to spend a few days-beautifully clean & well organised." Evan, Canada
November 99…"I stayed here in 97 & had to return for more in 99.This is more than just another hostel." Gareth Irvine, Belfast/Ireland
October 99…"Mijn erst verblijf in Zuid-Afrika was in dese Lodge. Hats me goed bevallen. Alle informatie die ik nodig had, kreeg ik op een vriendelyke manier verteld. Dat maakte dat ik hier langer as bepland, bleef." Ans Compaijen, Den Haag, Nederland
September 99…"Thanx you for everything you have helped us with (driving your car, making reservations for us…) We were really sad we couldn't stay longer. Surely an unforgettable experience!!!" Ran, Limor, Oren & Tal, Israel
August 99…"I thought I would never see a city as beautiful as PE." Owen & Michael
July 99…."This must have been the hostel where the Good Samaritan sent the half dead man to recover! Our trip has turned out to be less stressful and more memorable as a result of our stay here." Janine & Bridgid, UK
 June 99…."A fantastically friendly place, with a great crowd." Graeme & Lisa
May 99…"What a cool place-nice one!" Jamie
April 99…."Its nice to have a place where you feel at home" Elsbeth, Holland
March 99…." If you need a really good guide book, don't use LP or Rough Guide, take Robert instead!" Germany
February 99…"Great service, very professional place to stay" Monique
January 99…"Awesome Blast! I'll definitely be back next summer, so keep this place as well maintained as it is now, its great!!" Ginny

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December 98…“Thanks for checking out the cheapest “Auto”(CAR) for us.” Monika and Heinrich, Germany
 “Very organised – what a pity all Backpackers can’t be like this.” Ann, Ireland
November 98….“Walmer Township was an amazing experience.” Rachel and Dave, UK
 “We had so much fun here.” Walter
October 98…. “Perfect! Came for one night and stayed one week. Special thanks to Robert who arranged our personal itinerary.” Angela and Jacqui, UK
 “a place where normal people are.” Tabitha, England
September 98…“Only called in to wait for a bus very early in the morning and am so sorry I can’t stay.” Deborah Lawrence, UK
“ Thoroughly professional service and friendly attitudes." Neil, UK and Corinne, Swiss
August 98…."I CAN’T LEAVE THIS PLACE!! The people are just too addicting.” Sonja Wedge, U.S.A.
July 98…“Even though you have to do the wash-up, you would think it is the Ritz, or even better…. They come and pick you up, organise your tours, explain everything about the house and PE… And it’s so nice and neat over there!” Christophe, Belgium “Permanent hot showers! You don’t encounter that very often.” Vicky, England
“It should pass as the eighth wonder of the world.” Solomon and Naomi, Kenya
May 98…“We got everything we need in a friendly atmosphere at a very good price…Is it close to paradise here?” Simon, UK and Isobelle, Belgium
April 98…“you guys are great, I just enjoyed my time here in this nice clean BP, thanks a lot for all your help and advises.” John, Germany
March 98..."Wonderful hot bath in a big, clean bathroom and a great nights sleep. Friendly people and cosy atmosphere.” Pippa P, UK
February 98… “We didn’t even plan to stay in PE, but our baggage was lost so we had to stay. It was a bad very day, but then we arrived here! Our day ended up very well.” Sabine and Miranda, Holland
January 98…“Had a great day in Port Elizabeth. Never realized what a beautiful place it was.” Rosy B, England
December 97…"Thank you for all the help you gave us all in sorting out our lives. This is the best place to get everything arranged. You guys know what you are doing" 
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